Your presenters:
KHENA is a grandmother at the confluence of the Native American soul and Buddhist Wisdom, she has watched over the premises for 45 years

They are a testament to a serein life in complete harmony with nature, determined to encourage and accompany those who lean more towards autonomy and respect for the environment and those who no longer want to be deprived of their humanity.
Evolution requires a clear vision of ourselves and the right gesture.
“Know thyself”.
La Planete offers you its beauty and strength. Her peace enhances and increases the impact of our retreats..

A la carte activities are offered year round.

Introduction to market participation, internship in permaculture and biodynamics, and goat cheese making.

Our tools

Retreats “Fleur de Vie” (Flower of Life)

During 5 days, this retreat allows you to reconnect with your deep nature through art therapy, Meditation and feeling of the four directions (West or the fear of being abandoned, North or self-esteem, East or letting go and South or trusting in the ways of life and restoring our knowledge.

To reconstitute pathways of sensitivity by addressing how over the millennia and in this life the process of survival has built, for our protection, a gilded prison that locks us into our known and illusory needs. The chronic dissatisfaction that results from it creates a spiral that one has to recognize and move beyond.

See what really motivates us and restores that good energy. Total immersion in nature with your own nature.

Retreats “Fleur de Vie” (River of Life)

During 7 days, this retreat proposes to discover and develop the energy of your Chakras, knowledge in how to manage and optimize them through archetypes.

An evaluation of your energies is established upon arrival with explications of what follows and again before the end of your stay.


Meditation: disconnect from the outside to look inside. Become a spectator of our flow of thoughts and revisit them, through observation, the deep feeling of our processes. It’s better to know and recognize oneself, to gain a better concentration and to stimulate the memory. Meditation also stimulates the immune system, reduces blood pressure and stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine and negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger and increases the anti-cancer protein production, improves cardiovascular and metabolic function, and also lowers the level of sugar in the blood.

• Learn to make yourself more present in the present moment, to pacify our mind, to be less reactive or absent…

• Becoming an actor AND spectator of your own scenario is a profound and effective way to approach our confusion, our fears, our real needs and to be clear with ourselves.

• To listen to your body, your breath, your environment and to take a higher vision that transforms, by living it simply and completely.

Meditation brings with it a tenderness for oneself, calm, well being and peace. We stop running, believe everything that goes through our head, we listen to the world, others and self.

Group Circle

Reinforce our intuitive potential, allow ourselves to express our feelings through sharing, in a place dedicated to exchange and transmission.

Circle of words, sounds, rhythm, song, improvisation and dance connect us to the here and now as well as to our source of joy, promoting the connection to our so often forgotten Divine Being.

Men are welcome, we must all develop and harmonize our feminine-masculine.

The Hug

Practicing the hug between earth and sky, we open our arms to welcome the other… breathing in and out a minimum of 5 cycles, focusing together while listening to our breathing. A sincere embrace produces a hormone called oxytocin, the hormone of love, that brings security and calms anxiety. It is a free tranquilizer every time we take a person into our arms.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that acts on the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain. It brings a feeling of satisfaction and reduces anxiety and stress… even monogamy in mammals!

Oxytocin is released into our bodies by the pituitary gland by lowering both our heart rates and our levels of cortisol, which is responsible for the stress of high blood pressure and heart disease.

The hug strengthens the immune system, the gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge it creates activates the solar plexus chakra. This stimulates the thymus gland that regulates and balances the body’s white blood cell production, which keeps us healthy.

Nearly 70% of the communication is non verbal, the interpretation of the body language may be based on a single gesture, hence the interest of the HUG. Strengthening our selfesteem, it reconnects us to our capacity to pure love. It boosts the level of dopamine, a good mood feeling and is also responsible for our motivation and pleasure.

The hug stimulates serotonin, elevates mood and creates happiness! The effect of moisture and electricity in the skin brings more balance in the parasympathetic nervous system, therefore benefitting it. Let’s hug more often.

The breath

From the book of Genesis … In the beginning was the breath …

“Breath”, respiration and mindfulness. It is the essential tool in all personal development practices. With the breath we gain control of our functions, we can dissolve our limiting thoughts, negative emotions … and even experience ecstasy…


It is the communication with the earth, walking barefoot, coming into contact with the ground to draw free electrons. Our feet have multiple nerve endings, “it’s free reflexology”. The benefits are many… reduction of inflammation and stress hormones, improves sleep, calms the nervous system, accelerates healing, heals body aches, not to mention its antioxidant power, negatively charged electrons connect positively to charged free radicals.

We are bioelectric beings who live on a planet emitting vibrations; all our cells transmit different frequencies. Our shoes cut us off from the energy needed for good health.

Shirin-yo ku

Shirin-yo ku, developed in the 80’s in Japan… total immersion in the forest, with guided walk. Conscious walk, opening to nature where the five senses must be awake: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, calm breathing..all help in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

Art Therapy

Our creativity, combined with symbolism and collage, leads us to update our data by a better knowledge of the mind, of its construction, with its good intentions, its automatic protection, its blockages, its fears …

“Learn to disengage the autopilot! …”

It is an extraordinary means of communication that uses both imaginative and intellectual knowledge; just like the mirror effect, it brings an organizing dynamism.

Through playful and joyful exercises, we go to the discovery of what allowed us to build ourselves, to overcome the conditioning. It is quite astonishing our ability to bring out our unconscious through the symbolism materialized by our cuttings and collages; equally amazing is our ability to use and play with it.

Art therapy brings resolution to our old conflicts and a real liberation thanks to our awareness and the joy of celebrating this renewal within the exchange of our group circle.


Symbols are loaded with concrete reality, both positive and negative. This is an essential reason to discover them, to tame and appropriate them. Symbolism brings a conscious plan rather than rational evidence. The symbol is the expression of a mystery, the only way to hear what can not be apprehended otherwise.

Symbols are keys that help us to become even more vigilant, to get rid of our conditioning … We can no longer ignore the impact of symbols on our psyche.


Water, organic fruit and vegetable juice cure, and depending on the time of year, or cycle, some of our fresh goat milk.

Improve your health, heal yourself, cleanse your body, eliminate, detoxify, regenerate gently…


In the East, sexuality is considered a fundamental element of physical, emotional and spiritual development; sexual energy as an awakening force is sacred.

“This energy becomes a spiritual force that brings us to who we are rather than continue to identify ourselves with our ego through a multitude of practical exercises, alone or with your partner.”

Dr. Skakti Malan’s Method (The Book Courrier)

Natural Taoist Contraception

Come and discover a natural and respectful way of nature, an age-old practice of contraception, yet relatively unknown in the West. (Women are welcome to the club with teaching and practice available all year round).